The Kampeon Company is the child company of The PNOY Apparel Company Inc. PNOY App was established in 1999, professing the “No History, No Self, Know History, Know Self” ideology. We have grown with you, the consumer, enduring similar economic struggles while raising families of our own. The growth of PNOY App has allowed the company to give way to the mature approach that is Kampeon Co.  Kampeon Co will continue to be a vessel to showcase the culture of the Philippines of the past, present, and future, utilizing a modern & fashionable aesthetic.

Kampeon Co will continue to carry the same core values as its mother company, PNOY App. Kampeon Co will allow us to expand our creative and business endeavors, as well as focus on our responsibility as a social entrepreneur.  

Throughout life, we set goals and dreams and we will ultimately fail. We may fail once, twice, or even a few dozen times, but it is up to you/us to "Kampeon" your obstacles, demons, haters, injustice, and fears to become stronger, braver, and more confident. It is up to us to obtain that victory, it is up to us to be our own KAMPEONS!!!