During the start of World War II, President Roosevelt issued a Presidential Order that called upon the people of the Philippines to help the fight against Japan. In exchange for their service, he promised US citizenship, recognition, and the same veterans’ benefits given to members of the U.S. soldiers.  More than 250,000 Filipinos answered President Roosevelt’s call to action and 250,000 Filipinos sacrificed their lives for the betterment of their families!  

By the time the war ended in 1945, the Philippines lost over 500,000 military and civilians from military deaths, war crimes, famine, and labor issues.  In 1946, Congress passed the Rescission Act of 1946 that retroactively denied the Filipino Veteranos US citizenship and recognition for their services. They were considered "not to have been active military, naval, or air service for the purposes of any law of the United States." Since then, Filipino community leaders have fought for our Veteranos to be recognized for their services in WWII. In 2009, the Obama administration authorized the release of a one-time, lump sum payment to eligible Veteranos. In 2016 more than 42,000 applicants were awarded over $25 million. However, there are still thousands not recognized battling father time, so the fight continues!


The Veterano honors the 250,000 Filipino soldiers and their families that paid the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.  The Veterano 2022 is a follow up to the original The Veterano in 2010 and The Liberation in 2015. The Veterano 2022 tells the story of our brave soldiers and their familyies while blending it with a modern day and timeless cut that works for any occasion or outfit!  


We spent a whole year conducting research and development on the next iteration of The Veterano.  We went back and forth with our manufacturer in the Philippines to ensure every detail was captured and perfected from the material, buttons, flaps, cut, etc.

The Veterano 2022 is a UNISEXY custom cut-and-sew nylon anorak motivated by the WW2 smock jacket.  We wanted a technical, military inspired, and timeless silhouette that fits any occasion.  

  • UNISEXY fit
  • Water resistant nylon anorak
  • Full embroidered patches 
  • Embroidered 250K on the inside flap representing the 250K Veteranos
  • Embroidered "NEVER WILL I MARCH TO THE DEATH" -Son of Ran on right wrist
  • Drawstrings with pullers on hoodie, waste, and bottom
  • Hoodie with bill that is button-able
  • Endless functional pockets on front, hoodie, waste, and back.
  • Slight scoop tail on back
  • Lightweight, but dual lined
  • Woven Kampeon Co book logo
  • Woven Kampeon inside tag
  • True to size

The Veterano 2022 is designed in the U.S. and manufactured by the great folks of the Philippines. We could have easily manufactured The Veterano at fraction of the cost in China, but this directly goes to our people, especially these difficult times of COVID!  


Aside from the camoflouge nylon fabric, The Veteranos' story is told through the fully embroidered patches that is lined on the left arm of The Veterano.  Each patch telling its own story.


For every The Veterano 2022 PRE-ORDER purchased, we will donate 10% to the The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (FilVetREP).  FilVetREP is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, community-based, all-volunteer national initiative whose mission is to raise awareness through academic research and public education and obtain national recognition of the Filipino-American WWII soldiers for their wartime service to the United States and the Philippines from July 1941 to December 1946.  

We hope you enjoy The Veterano 2022 as much as we enjoyed creating it.  It is our way to honor the 250,000 Filipino Veteranos, their families, and our way to contribute in their fight!  And SURPRISE, there are four total colors to add to your collection! Welcome to The Veterano 2022!





The Veterano 2022 is now available for PRE-ORDERS and ends 18 February 2022.  Once PRE-ORDERS end, all online orders will be closed.  Do not miss out on this timeless classic, while helping our Veteranos achieve recognition. 

Peace, Love, and Service Always,