The history of the Barong Tagalog embodies the Philippines’s cultural evolution and resilience.  With origins dating back to pre-colonial Philippines, the Barong Tagalog has evolved over the centuries to be considered the Philippine Tuxedo.  Through Philippine history, the Barong Tagalog has witnessed revolutions, independence movements, and societal changes, steadfastly representing the nation's identity and heritage. Today, it stands not only as a testament to the past but also as a living testament to Filipino culture and artistic expression, worn proudly in formal events, celebrations, and cultural gatherings, symbolizing the enduring spirit of the Filipino people.  Kampeon Co’s version of the Barong Tagalog we titled, The Baros, blends tradition with modern fabrics and silhouettes.

Our initial inspiration was sparked by our fellow Filipino American and musically talented, Bruno Mars and his lavish full button silk shirts.  During our research we stumbled up on a picture titled “Sabungan” by Juan Maria Cariño and Sonia Pinto of males in their barongs cockfighting…BOOM!  The Bruno was born!


Introducing the “The Bruno!”  The Bruno is a fusion of time-honored tradition with a modern twist.  Inspired by the storied history of the Barong Tagalog, this exceptional piece encapsulates the essence of Filipino heritage while embracing a sleek and modern silhouette, cut higher than our traditional Baros.  The chest proudly displays a sabong motif, an homage to the centuries-old tradition of cockfighting that has long been interwoven into the cultural fabric of the Philippines.


We spent a whole year conducting research and development on The Bruno.  We went back and forth with our manufacturer in the Philippines to ensure every detail was captured and perfected from the pattern, material, buttons, etc. 

The star of the show is the full embroidery work on The Bruno.  At first glance, it looks like your typical Barong Tagalog craftsmanship.  However as you take a closer look, The Bruno’s chest proudly boasts a captivating sabong motif with two roosters in full exhilarating battle, their feathers ruffled and dust billowing as they confront each other with unwavering determination on each chest.

Cockfighting, deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the Philippines, traces its history through centuries of tradition, resilience, and the embodiment of a tenacious fighting spirit. With origins dating back to pre-colonial times, sabong, as it is known locally, emerged as both a pastime and a symbol of valor among indigenous communities. As the archipelago underwent colonial influences, cockfighting adapted, intertwining with the nation's narrative of resistance and unity against foreign rule. The sport transformed into a platform for camaraderie and a reflection of the Filipinos' unwavering determination. Just as the roosters engage in fierce battles, Filipinos recognized the parallels between these gallant birds and their own struggles for independence and self-determination. Beyond its recreational aspect, sabong embodies a cultural ethos that celebrates courage, resilience, and the willingness to face adversity head-on. Today, while evolving attitudes prompt discussions about animal welfare, the history of cockfighting remains a testament to the Filipino spirit, reflecting the nation's unyielding resolve in the face of challenges and its unbreakable connection to its storied past.

  • Challis fabric for a silk twill feel
  • Black with gold embroidery
  • White with green embroidery
  • Full embroidered Sabong motif on chest
  • Full button up
  • Pearl buttons
  • Woven inside tag
  • Woven Kampeon logo tag
  • Split side seam
  • Sits closer to waist
  • True to size, for a looser fit size up.  
  • Ladies size down


The Bruno is a UNISEXY modern fit and is true to size, but to ensure you get the correct fit, please reference our size breakdown for accurate purchase.

Men, for a looser fit size up.  Ladies size down.   


We had the honor to shoot with the talented Jaymar Elen @JMRLN hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area.  A huge THANK YOU to Sandy and City Dance San Francisco @citydancelive to allow us to use their beautiful dance studio.  For all your dance, studio needs reach out to Sandy!

Jonathan "Bionic" Bayani @bionicbayani - 5'10" 190lbs - Wearing The Bruno X-Large in Black.  The Bruno Large in White

Jaeya "Jaeonic" Bayani @jaeyabayani - 4'11" 108lbs - Wearing The Bruno Small in Black and White.

Meet the homie Jonathan “Bionic” Bayani.  We’ve known him since the MySpace days and have been fam since.   His inspiring journey traces a path of bold defiance against generational norms, showcasing the triumph of individual passion over parental/generational expectations.  Bionic is a globally recognized and influential dancer specializing in Popping, Animation, and Boogaloo and has battled, judged, performed, and taught dance workshops nationally and globally.  He has been a featured dancer in music videos, theatrical shows and has performed with Taylor Swift, Pentatonix, and Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour.

As a Filipino American,  Bionic shattered conventions by embracing a career that diverged from the stereotypical roles often expected from our parents.  He followed his heart's rhythm, dancing in the face of convention, and his artistry ignited a fire that would burn bright across generations. In a world where the prescribed path often led to professions like nursing, medicine, or engineering, Bionic's determination to forge his own trail sent ripples of inspiration throughout his community.

Bionic’s resounding influence found its true testament in the story of his daughter, Jaeya “Jaeonic” Bayani.  Moved by her father's unwavering commitment to his artistic pursuit, she took a similar trajectory.  Professionally, Jaeonic is an Operations Assistant and Operations Director for Christina Luna @christinaluna and Quilt Magazine @quilt_magazine, respectively.  Drawing inspiration from Bionic's dance prowess and career path, Jaeonic is also singer-songwriter, emcee, dancer, and music industry professional.  Her natural inclination for rhythm and movement merged seamlessly with her father's legacy, culminating in a fusion of talent that was destined to rewrite the narrative.

As her journey unfolded, Jaeonic’s artistic boundaries expanded beyond dance, guiding her towards the realm of music with her newly released EP titled “Bayani.”  Her musical style encapsulates her passion for R&B, funk, and underground Hip-Hop—more specifically, the global and local Filipinx Hip-Hop scene. Jaeonic’s ultimate aspiration is becoming a lawyer that serves underrepresented artists, uplift, and collaborate with fellow BIPOC creatives—which is fueled by her love for community and for her ancestors.

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Peace, Love, and Service Always,