Ancestor Made Hat - Black


Ancestor Made Hat - Black

Product description

At the core of our being, we are more than just ourselves; we are the embodiment of the unwavering spirit and boundless determination of our ancestors. "Ancestor Made" is a heartfelt homage to the extraordinary legacy woven by generations past. It's a recognition of the sweat, resourcefulness, resilience, and Bayanihan spirit that continue to course through our veins.

“Ancestor Made" is a living testament to the remarkable stories etched in our family trees. It represents the immigrant family leaving their homeland for a better life for future generations, the indomitable will of those who came before us, who toiled and persevered, who knew the true meaning of community and shared success to formulate who we are today.  We are ANCESTOR MADE.  Ancestor Made embroidery on a custom corduroy dad hat.


  • Unisexy
  • Embroidered front Red Ancestor Made
  • Embroidered side sampaguita with skull
  • Woven book logo on back
  • Leather strap on back

One size fits most

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